The Clone Wars

It’s no secret I’m a total nerd; how do you think I ended up doing this show?  One of the nerd things I do regularly is think about Star Wars.

Sometimes I think about Star Wars too much.  When that happens, it (very rarely) comes out as a video.  One of those rare moments has finally come; I’ve decided to take a look at the Clone Wars.  Not the cartoon series, but as a plot element and an event within the Star Wars universe.

So many aspects of the prequel trilogy went wrong and I think it’s helpful to explore these elements.  Not only does it help us to recognize the problems present in the prequels, it also to deepen one’s understanding of what we’ve ultimately been given and even come to terms with it.  After all, whether we like them or not, we’re stuck with the prequels, flaws and all.

At any rate, enjoy my look at the Clone Wars:

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