Don’t Starve Together!

I feel like I opened this tab a week ago intending to write this promotional post, then completely forgot about it.

…Oh, I did.

So, what do you think of the idea of being dropped in the midst of a vast, supernatural wilderness where the darkness kills you and you have to eat constantly survive?  How about where giant spiders nests dot the land and sentient, if primitive, pigmen turn into werepigs on the full moon?  Or how about a game where survival and escape is dependent on SCIENCE?!

If any of that even vaguely appeals to you, then check out my Don’t Starve Together series!   I get together with an old friend and her sister as we try to:

Collect poop!

Not get lost!

Not get shot by walrus men!

Not be crushed by giant cyclopean deer!

Thanks for watching!

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