We all say rude and stupid things from time to time.  We all have our moments where we say something at the wrong time or treat with others crudely when they most deserve our empathy.  We all slip and we all make mistakes for we are human; it is in our nature.

On the other hand, there are some among us who think this is the only way to live.  The only way to treat with others is to abuse them, be it physically or psychologically.  These people do so with intent, with the express purpose of causing other grief or harm.

Now, which of these would you define as bullies?  Everyone?  Or just that small group of people?

According to the world we live in today, it is the former.

Bullying is no longer aggressive.  It is no longer malicious.  It is no longer persistent and targeted.  It is merely unkindness, particularly toward those things which we like (but not toward those we dislike).  Of course, the object is to tar disagreement with the brush of negativity.  It doesn’t account for complexities or details.  It only serves to denigrate people who disagree with “the right way of thinking.”

The only purpose this serves is to turn people into villains if we don’t like the way they think.

Another word loses all semblance of meaning and, once again, decent people are at the receiving end of the results.

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