Guest Post: Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts from someone not nearly as wise as Thomas Sowell…

– Life rarely, if ever, turns out the way we want it. You game out various situations in your head, try to prepare for speed bumps or detours, and yet everything still ends in disaster. Maybe you’re reeling over broken relationships. Maybe you’re stuck in a rut you didn’t see coming. Maybe you’ve watched in despair as the country bull rushes towards a false choice in a presidential election. Maybe you’re scratching your head, wondering why what everyone said was going to be a great year is looking to be a terrible year with very little cause for optimism. Maybe this year feels like a cruel joke and that, somewhere, people are laughing at you for being stupid enough to believe you could affect positive change. Whatever it is, things are not right and you feel powerless to make them right. What do you do?

Pray, and pray often. God can fix what’s broken, but first we must be willing to turn it over to Him.

– Watching ABC’s attempts to resurrect some classic gameshows of yesteryear leads me to wonder if there is any corner of American life where outright debauchery and crude mentions of sexual organs hasn’t just overcome everything. But what should we expect from a culture that sees modesty as oppressive and hateful? It’s no wonder you watch Family Feud and Match Game remakes and think, “They just want to make this as X-rated as possible.” Now don’t get me wrong, Match Game was always known for pushing the envelope, but in those days, it was a lot subtler. There were always certain things you couldn’t say. The humor was in double entendre and figuring out ways to clean up what everyone assumed has to be dirty. That’s now out the window. Of the four classic game shows ABC has redone this summer, the only one I would be comfortable showing to young kids (and I have nieces and nephews but no kids of my own) would be the $100,000 Pyramid. It’s a sad commentary on where we are as a culture. But then again, most everything we see today is a sad commentary on where we are as a culture.

– I took a trip to Boston this past week and in between random acts of treason (reenacting the Boston Tea Party), I was reminded of the personal risk the founders of America, the opposition to the Sons and Daughters of Liberty faced, and wondering if we in the modern era could ever pull off such a feat. They pledged their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor in quest of securing the liberty that God has gifted us. It saddens me that so many of my fellow Americans appear eager to jettison that precious gift and the Giver of that gift in the name of false security (things like equality, safe space, and special privileges to the most easily offended constituencies). We live in perilous times with no end in sight unless we can rally around the idea of returning to a God-fearing society that loves liberty and life. We can’t be a free society without morality. As John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

These observations all sound grim and negative, don’t they? You want me to end this post on an up note, do you? Well, since you asked:

– On Sunday, after visiting a different church than the one I usually attend, I decided to watch a sermon online. The subject was Esther and rising to the challenge of doing what God wanted her to do, which was to save her people from extermination. She was reluctant at first, but once she embraced God’s plan for her, she rose to the occasion and promised to intercede on behalf of the Jews. There’s a lesson in all of this: if you embrace the role that God has for you, you can go far. If you’re willing to abandon your comfort zone and obliterate your safe space, there’s nothing God can’t do for you. You might have to fundamentally transform yourself (or rather, you will have to allow God to fundamentally transform you), but God can do it all. Rely on Him, and all things are possible.

Jack, a longtime viewer of Nerd Rage, is a rare bird: a black American who is also a classical liberal (or conservative if you prefer) in the Northeastern United States. His writings (whenever he has the time or has something to say) can be found wherever someone is willing to post them. 

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